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Condensed Pre-Listing Home Inspections Starting at $200

Getting ready to sell your home? Concerned about repairs that you cannot see or are unaware of?

As a professional home inspection company, would always recommend a full inspection. However, it is our belief, that you, the home owner, is already aware of the little imperfections in your home, such as electrical outlets that do not work, sink drains that do not function properly, nail pops, windows that do not operate, appliances that need repair, etc. By not having to inspect all these small items, we can greatly reduce our time at your property by focusing on the major concerns and pass the savings on to you!

A condensed pre-listing inspection covers all major structural components of your home at a substantially reduced price. Starting at only $200, Equity Services, Inc inspects the foundation, crawl space, roof, HVAC, electrical service panel and all major plumbing systems. We are the first, and so far the only, inspection company to offer this service.

Equity Services, Inc offers you peace of mind, heading off major problems before you go through the time and effort to list your home only to find out after accepting an offer that you have a problem you did not expect. Additional benefits include the ability to hire the contractor of your choice to fix the problem rather than having the buyer choose a potentially more costly repair company.

Pricing is based on square footage. Please contact us for more information or to receive a quote.

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